HOLBROOK:  LIONS CLUB 46th Annual Consignment Auction-NEW DATE MARCH 30TH (Weather Postponement from March 9th)


Saturday, Marcy 30th   *  Lunch on Grounds   *    Holbrook Football Field on Hwy 6 & 34    *      LIONS AUCTION 2019 SALE BILL 

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NEW!  On-Line Auctions Available Through Brell Realty & Auction.                      



 SOLD  Past Auctions: 

Thank you to all those who attended!  We look forward to assisting you in the future. 



Silent Bid Auction: 501 Montrose, Bertrand, Phelps County Nebraska. 

43025 Road 757, Lexington, Nebraska - Real Estate & Personal Property of Johnny Tvrdy   Sale Bill 

Jackson Personal Property Auction, Elwood, NE-     Sale Bill

Broman Acreage & Vehicle Auction, Smithfield, NE- Sale Bill

Kirby Personal Property Auction, Loomis, NE- Sale Bill 

McCoy Personal Property & Antiques, Arapahoe, NE  Sale Bill

Gosper County Land- Leo Fox Estate, Smithfield, NE  Sale Brochure