Gosper County is located in central Nebraska and has two towns: Elwood and Smithfield.   Gosper county is an agricultural community with many acres devoted to pasture land, corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and other crops. It is also a county with many recreational opportunities. 

Elwood has a population of approximately 761 people and is blessed with several businesses, churches, and a K-12 public school district.  It is a community with a volunteer spirit that will continue to help it grow.  I encourage you to visit the Elwood Chamber of Commerce website.  A link is provided at the bottom of the page.  Elwood is the county seat. 

Smithfield has a population of approximately 68 people and is fortunate to have many businesses for a town of its' size.  Among them you will find an antique and floral shop, CO-OP, bar and post office.

Johnson Lake and Elwood Reservoir are also located within Gosper County.  Johnson Lake has currently constructed a new waste-water system and continues to grow and develop. These two bodies of water have proven to be a huge asset to the county both in their recreational/wildlife aspect and their ability to aid in irrigation.  There are several businesses and homes surrounding these areas.

Lexington is located just north of Interstate 80 and directly on U.S. Highway 30 in south-central Nebraska.  It is the county seat for Dawson County.  Johnson Lake is divided into both Gosper and Dawson Counties.

Links that may be of interest include:

Gosper County Online             http://www.co.gosper.ne.us

Elwood Public Schools       http://elwood.k12.ne.us/elwhome.html  https://www.elwoodpirates.org/ 

Elwood, Nebraska- Chamber of Commerce      http://www.elwoodnebraska.com/  or find them on Facebook

Johnson Lake Project          http://johnsonlakesid.info/

Johnson Lake Chamber of Commerce     www.johnsonlake.com

Lexington Chamber of Commerce      https://lexcoc.com